Two Planks and a Passion

Ross Creek Centre for the Arts

Those in the know in Nova Scotia’s Kings and Hants Counties — as locals the world over do — affectionately abbreviated the handle of the theatre company at the Ross Creek Centre for the Arts, Two Planks and a Passion, to Two Planks.

If you think about it, even if the company’s founders had called it Passion on Two Planks, we’d still have shortened it to Two Planks just the same. Imagine admonishing your kids not to have any friends over or burn the house down while you and their mother went out for a date night to watch a performance at Passion, and not, Two Planks.

The company has performed outdoors at the Ross Creek Centre for the Arts in rural Nova Scotia since 1992.

This 2007 congratulatory ad (probably something to do with Two Planks’ 15th anniversary as a rural theatre company) was placed in a local newspaper in M.P. Scott Brison’s federal constituency riding of Kings-Hants. It isn’t the prettiest ad ever. (a) it was a newsprint job, and, (b) it was probably a rush. What me? Whine?

Since everyone knows the company as Two Planks, and since you’d be hard-pressed to find a Canadian, in any part of the country, unaware of the passion with which Scott served his constituents over his twenty-two year-long political career, it wasn’t inappropriate to put the words “Two Planks” atop the two planks, and A PASSION, on Scott.

More on Two Planks

Two Planks and a Passion works with members of the community on projects that utilize theatre as a tool for empowerment and change. The company has initiated youth homelessness and youth violence projects in collaboration with community organizations and continues to work with students on a variety of projects with the art of live theatre as a central component.”

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