Once upon a time in Bermuda

Coffeeworks Bermuda Parent Once Upon a Time ad hero graphic

There’s a great magazine called Bermuda Parent. It was founded in 2012 and is run by a most amazing publisher who has more energy than a castle full of knights in shining armour.

CoffeeWorks was one of the title’s inaugural advertisers: in part to support this new business and resource for Bermudian families, and because it came along at a time when the company was adding good-for-you bottled beverages to its lines of coffees, teas and cocoas. The ad copy and graphic below were part of a year-long series of illustrated advertisements that had a storybook look to them.

And no dragons were ever seen.

Once upon a time on a Bermudafully tiny island far, far away, there was a very happy little shoppe that sold (and delivered for free*) lovely, relaxing teas and hot chocolate and coffees from many kingdoms.

Years later their store rooms were overflowing with new, organic, natural juices; exotic coconut waters and ginger ale made from real ginger.

And all the subjects shopped safely online 24/7 at coffeeworks.bm and lived happily ever after (and no dragons were ever seen).

Coffeeworks Bermuda Parent Once Upon a Time ad
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