A Convenient About Page

Winslow Homer's 1899 Painting, Flower Garden and Bungalow

After years of intense competition, Bermuda’s two largest office coffee companies, CoffeeWorks and Convenience Coffee, merged in late 2016. The About Page copywriting for the winning brand, Convenience Coffee, was meant to:

  • reassure existing Office Coffee Service (OCS), wholesale and retail customers of their Keurig, Green Mountain and Nespresso consumables and equipment that everything was situation-normal,
  • be inviting to prospective new clients who were increasingly shopping online in the US and ZipXing their purchase to Bermuda, and,
  • to tastefully and Bermudafully introduce the islands to U.S. and overseas Ready-to-Drink (RTD) beverage producers and distributors, who, as a rule, hadn’t a clue where the North Atlantic archipelago is.

About Us

Convenience Coffee is the biggest, most tastefully heart-warming office coffee & tea company on one of the smallest, most beautiful, warm-hearted, pink-beached islands in the world.

We are a small crew of passionate St. George’s AND Somerset cricket fans and we deliver delicious drinks absolutely everywhere, absolutely free in Bermuda from global corporate headquarters to homes, cottages and yachts from supermarkets to corner stores, boutique B&Bs, cafés, restaurants and all-star hotels to every village, town, city and parish in between the two 100+ year Cup Match rivals.

We spell colour like our British, Australian and Tim Hortons-hooked Canadian cousins, which you might expect, since we sell a great-tasting, international rainbow of beverages: from Black Tiger to Double Black Diamond single-cup coffees; to Italian and French roasts in Keurig K-Cups, pods, packs, grounds and beans; to Lavazza BLUE espresso capsules to white, green, Rooibos Red and Orange Spice teas.

About You

We flavour everything we do for you with milk chocolate, coconut, banana, vanilla, hazelnut, pecans, caramel, cinnamon and s’mores from our website to our blog to our warehouse & showroom and our friendly merchandisers on the road.

Like our thousands of loyal customers we count ourselves extremely lucky to be living, loving, lounging, working and occasionally micin’ in this friendly, inclusive and Bermuda-shorts-clad nation.

We invite you…

  • to enjoy your cocoa with marshmallows, whipped cream, sprinkles or naked;
  • to savour your tea à la Lord Earl Grey or the chamomile flower way;
  • to express your espresso elegantly and your tropical citrus tea delicately;
  • to lively up your mornings como un colombiano;
  • and wind down your evenings with a little something caffeine-free.

Bermudians have brewed, steeped, flavoured and served millions and millions of cups, mugs, carafes and teapots of our offerings over the years but we think the statistics that really matter are the ones that measure how our beverages make you feel on that first date, at a tea party, with your kids or grandkids and hot mugs of hand-warming cocoa, on shakin’ and movin’ Monday mornings, lazy Sunday mornings and sultry Saturday afternoons.

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