An About Page (almost) for Gozo’s Only Font Company

Burger Truck menu in Mġarr ix-Xini

You can find Fonts Café vintage, hand drawn typefaces, graphics and frames on menus, book covers, signs, greeting cards and posters, from the middle of the Med to the Marrakech Medina to the Mount Barker Shopping Centre in South Australia.

That doesn’t sound like such a big deal until you realize that a solo Italian graphic artist created them all, and designed and directed the construction of a Drupal e-commerce website to sell them, and while she was doing all that, learned to speak and write English.

At the time I wrote the welcoming website copy at the bottom of this page there was no warm and fuzzy About Page at to weave it into so we squeezed it (kinda like kerning in font-speak) onto the site’s home page for the time being, and, like the plumber with the bucket under his sink, it’s still there — X’tagħmel! (“What can you do” in Maltese.) It’s a work in progress. 😇

I find it so inspiring that type designs from a one woman foundry can have such global reach — one was on Broadway FFS — that it’s become a bit of a FFS (For Fonts’ Sake) mission for me to send photos, screeshots and URLs to Fonts Café every time I find a product that I think is boasting her graphics or type. You can join the font fan club and spam her as well on the FCC Facebook Page. Seems to me there are prizes for that kind of behaviour once in a while.

Andrew and Jon hiking on Gozo
Two old farts trying to stay fit, font hunting on the Mediterranean island of Gozo

For close to a year, Jon (r) and I (l) used Paddy Dillon‘s great guidebook from Cicerone Press, “Walking on Malta” to explore hundreds of kilometres of tracks and trails on the islands of the Maltese archipelago.

We didn’t set out to be font hunters but there are bistros, bars and buses — even on the back roads — (and Malta’s back roads are way back!) and almost without fail we found at least one sign or menu or package flaunting a Fonts Café font — even Made in Malta products!

Google Maps screenshot of Harry's Food Truck in Mġarr ix-Xini, Gozo, Malta
Harry’s Food Truck, just a few hundred quad-killing steps (after practically having to rappel down the rocks on the other side of the valley) up from the beach in Mġarr ix-Xini, Gozo
— photo thanks to Google Local Guide, Christian Gregoire

Set up on the west side of Mġarr ix-Xini in Gozo each summer, Harry’s Food Truck makes a mean veggie burger, but you have to ask for it, at least you did when we were there. The menu items on the sign shown at the top of this page are set in Fonts Café’s Hand Shop C30. #yourockHarry! #goveganHarry!

Pete's Frootique Sweet Mini Peppers sign using Fonts Café type
Mexican Peppers and Maltese Fonts Café Fonts at Nova Scotia’s Food Fanatics : Pete’s Frootique in Bedford
Newspaper style menu in French with a salad
Fonts Café fonts on le menu at Brasserie de L’Armurier in Colomiers, just outside Toulouse
Chalkboard bistrot menu
Fonts Café’s type on a chalkboard menu in Torino that includes an €8 deal for a beer or glass of wine and the most amazing aperitivo ever 😋
Mea culpa: this photo was taken before I was vegan.

Welcome to Fonts Café

Fonts Cafe website header graphic

Welcome to Fonts Café, home to hand-crafted fonts and graphic elements that are as delicious together as cappuccino and croissants.

From the independent foundry that created possibly the most popular chalkboard-friendly font ever — Chalk Hand Lettering — Fonts Café typefaces, graphic elements and frames pop up all over the world; from café menus, bistro boardwalk signs and wine lists to restaurant and burger bus branding.

Our vintage, varsity and advertising typefaces are loved by down-home designers AND big city agencies alike: from Bollywood to Broadway, Covent Garden to Rio and Oz; from small studios like this one to international names like ABC, Disney and Mattel.

Fully-featured Fonts Café fonts, whether purchased individually or in one of our savings-packed bundles, come with world-class personal support; lifetime, no-strings-attached licensing; and our sincere thanks for your support all these years.

Grazzi, as we say here in Malta.

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