A Clueless Crew Page

As important as About Us and About the Team and Meet the Crew pages are to working some warmth and welcoming into an organization’s website, the grind in getting these stories across the finish line is often not the writing, it’s getting the backstory.

In the case of the Crew page for Bermudian RTD (Ready to Drink) beverage company Convenience Coffee, recreated below, the staff weren’t crazy about having their personal preferences published online, especially when it came to Cup Match cricket.

I was lucky enough to have a “Do whatever you need to do dude!” client who gave me the carte blanche latitude to cast off and personalize (tongue-in-cheek) the departments.

In hindsight, I don’t think individual facts would have served this Crew story as well as the fictional collages did. Although the individual quirks and foibles that you often find in the copy on these kinds of pages can make a company more inviting, this way allowed us to include more than one person’s likes (or at least what I imagined them to be) in each section.

Crew Page Takeaways

  • In total we ended up with a possible 96 mini-stories that could be built on and shared.
  • The product, category, and brand mentions invited readers to click through and view the staff picks. (In some cases you’d have to know the staff personally to understand the connection but Bermuda’s a small place, so most people, even ones who weren’t yet customers, did.)
  • The holiday and weekend favourites served as fodder for dated social media posts.
  • And the place mentions (on-island and off), foods, pets, shows, music and sports were great grist.

The coco.bm Crew Page

Sales Department mugshot


  • Favourite holiday: National Day of Listening
  • Favourite sport or hobby: Telephone Tag
  • Favourite dog or cat: Tigger
  • Favourite show: The Pursuit of Happyness
  • Favourite food: Chocolate Chip Anything
  • Favourite song or artist: six-three-four-five-seven-eight-nine (Blues Brothers)
  • Favourite athlete: Stephen Curry
  • Favourite place in Bermuda: Halfway between Somerset & St. George’s
  • Favourite place overseas: Torino, Italy
  • Favourite coffee or tea: Breakfast Blend from Green Mountain
  • Favourite brand: Swiss Miss
  • Best thing about weekends: They’re caffeine-free!
Service Department mugshot


  • Favourite holiday: Embrace Your Geekness
  • Favourite sport or hobby: Cup Match
  • Favourite dog or cat: Snoopy
  • Favourite show: Home Improvement
  • Favourite food: Nuts N’ Bolts
  • Favourite song or artist: Collie Buddz
  • Favourite athlete: Nahki Wells
  • Favourite place in Bermuda: Pick a beach — any beach!
  • Favourite place overseas: Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Favourite coffee or tea: Hazelnut from Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Favourite brand: Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Best thing about weekends: What are weekends?
Merchandising Department mugshot


  • Favourite holiday: Neither Rain Nor Snow Day
  • Favourite sport or hobby: Mountain Bike Chariot Racing
  • Favourite dog or cat: Santa’s Little Helper
  • Favourite show ever: Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner
  • Favourite food: Take out
  • Favourite song or artist: It Keeps You Runnin’ (Doobie Brothers)
  • Favourite athlete: Usain Bolt
  • Favourite place in Bermuda: Railway Trail
  • Favourite place overseas: Indianapolis Motor Speedway
  • Favourite coffee or tea: revv® from Green Mountain
  • Favourite brand: Hurricane Coffee
  • Best thing about weekends: No deliveries
Warehouse Department mugshot


  • Favourite holiday: Everything you do is Right Day
  • Favourite sport or hobby: Rubik’s Cube
  • Favourite dog or cat: Odie
  • Favourite show: Deliverance
  • Favourite food: Organic Popcorn with Sea Salt
  • Favourite song or artist: The Box (Randy Travis)
  • Favourite athlete: Arantxa King
  • Favourite place in Bermuda: Irresistible Island
  • Favourite place overseas: Box Springs, Georgia
  • Favourite coffee or tea: Sleepytime!
  • Favourite brand: Celestial Seasonings
  • Best thing about weekends: Fishcakes
Finance Department mugshot


  • Favourite holiday: All bank holidays
  • Favourite sport or hobby: Bingo and Juggling
  • Favourite dog or cat: Deputy Dawg
  • Favourite show ever: Other People’s Money
  • Favourite food: Low Fat
  • Favourite song or artist: If I Had a Million Dollars
  • Favourite athlete: Michael Jordan
  • Favourite place in Bermuda: Trunk Island
  • Favourite place overseas: Banks Island
  • Favourite coffee or tea: MINT Green Organic Tea from Twinings
  • Favourite brand: Skinnygirl
  • Best thing about weekends: Cutting the lawn
Operations Department mugshot


  • Favourite holiday: Don’t Cry over Spilled Milk Day
  • Favourite sport or hobby: Flying
  • Favourite dog or cat: Garfield
  • Favourite show ever: RED 2
  • Favourite food: Pizza
  • Favourite song or artist: Michael Bublé
  • Favourite athlete: Víctor Cruz
  • Favourite place in Bermuda: Point Finger Road
  • Favourite place overseas: J.F.K.
  • Favourite coffee or tea: S’mores Hot Cocoa
  • Favourite brand: Newman’s Own
  • Best thing about weekends: New York
Managing Director mugshot


  • Favourite holiday: Fun at Work Day
  • Favourite sport or hobby: Hiking
  • Favourite dog or cat: Hobbes
  • Favourite show ever: Sound of Music
  • Favourite food: Sachertorte
  • Favourite song or artist: Charlee
  • Favourite athlete: Wilt Chamberlain
  • Favourite place in Bermuda: Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse
  • Favourite place overseas: Salzburg
  • Favourite coffee: ¡Tierra! Espresso by Lavazza BLUE
  • Favourite brand: Lavazza
  • Best thing about weekends: Kids
Creative Department mugshot


  • Favourite holiday: Be Bald and Be Free Day
  • Favourite sport or hobby: Origami
  • Favourite dog or cat: Brian
  • Favourite show ever: Mad Men
  • Favourite food: Twistees
  • Favourite song or artist: Anyone but John Denver
  • Favourite athlete: John Daly
  • Favourite place in Bermuda: John Smith’s Bay
  • Favourite place overseas: Tasmania
  • Favourite coffee: Emeril’s Big Easy Bold
  • Favourite brand: Tim Hortons
  • Best thing about weekends: Fridays

The lone paddler with the black dog (probably named Arthur) hero image (is going to be me someday [minus the hair]) found its way here courtesy Teddy Kelley at Unsplash.

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