About The Graphic Language Company

Dalmatian in a foggy winter driveway

The Graphic Language Company has been providing professional creative direction, design, copywriting and editing for start-ups, SMEs, NGOs, non-profits and beautiful, vulnerable, hilarious, authentic individual since 1998.

Although the company has its home in Halifax, on Canada’s foggy East Coast — in collaboration with illustrators, designers and developers from all over the world — we have imagined, invented and managed brand, product, promotional and packaging projects for clients across Canada, in America, Australia, Bermuda, the Caribbean, the European Union, Mexico and the UAE.

This Maritime mash-up of graphics + language has supported causes as disparate as Camp Treasure Chest, Canada’s National Influenza Immunization Campaign, Christmas Seals, Cove FM, Nova Scotia’s Doers & Dreamers, the Hubbards & Area Business Association, the World Tuna Flat Races and TEDx Valletta.

Our B2B and B2C clients are now better known for the way they backhand, brew, broadcast, cave, climb, code, collate, consult, cook, count, curate, cut, design, dig, dock, dress, explore, export, facilitate, filter, glue, govern, grandstand, guide, headstand, host, import, impose, judge, kern, keynote, list, mediate, meditate, mentor, motivate, package, plumb, print, pulp, tour, race, row, saw, serve Canada’s favourite peanut butter burger, sew, share, steep, style, test, train, treat, volley, waterproof and welcome.

That creative has inked business cards, book covers and billboards; wrapped city transit buses, warmed coffee cups and adorned Provincial Court Judges’ pyjamas.

For more than a decade, the entire operation was run (ragged mostly) by a Dalmatian from Cape Breton named Buddy.